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Public Service Notice: Zoning Permits Required and Garbage Removal

Public Service Notice: Zoning Permits Required and Garbage Removal

Public Service Notice Related to Zoning Permits Required and Abatement/Removal of Vegetation, Garbage, Refuse and other Debris

The Pleasant Township Board of Trustees would like to remind all Township residents in the unincorporated areas of Pleasant Township that a zoning certificate (permit) is required for all building projects and excavation projects (i.e. ponds, in ground pools, work within right of way, etc.). Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 519.17 and Article 17.2 of the local Zoning Code, with the exception of agriculture, "no building or other structure shall not be erected, moved, added to, structurally altered, nor shall any building, structure, or land be established or changed in use without a permit therefore". Permits are also required for most agriculture related building projects, with any fees for said permit being waived. There are required setbacks for buildings, ponds and pools that must be adhered to unless a variance is applied for and received.

Some of the Township Zoning information and forms are available at following web site: and then follow link to Zoning page. The Township website also has all contact information for Township officials.

Pleasant Township also requires permits, at no charge, for ALL work within the road right of way. This can include driveways, mailboxes, mailbox approach ways, drainage work and any other excavation performed within the road right of way.

The Pleasant Township Board of Trustees will also enforce any valid public nuisance complaints related to the abatement, control or removal of vegetation, garbage, refuse and other debris. Property owners found in violation will be given written notice of such violation as prescribed by law and given an allotted amount of time to bring the property into compliance. Properties not brought into compliance can result in Pleasant Township Trustees to cause the weeds and/or grass to be cut or destroyed and refuse or other debris to be removed with the costs associated being assessed to the property owners as prescribed by law. As prescribed by Zoning Regulation section 17.10 "whenever a violation of this Resolution occurs, or is alleged to have occurred; any person may file a written complaint. Such complaint stating fully the causes and basis thereof shall be filed with the Zoning Inspector".

About Pleasant Township

Pleasant Township is one of 12 Townships located in Van Wert County Ohio.  We're a rural township with many housing areas and a strong agriculture base. The majority of the County Seat of Van Wert located in our Township. Pleasant Township is responsible for all the unincorporated areas of the Township which includes: fire/EMS protection, road and ditch maintenance, and zoning regulations.